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  • The Joseph Hotel, Nashville Spa Facilities

Connect with the restorative power of Tennessean nature at our luxury spa, 21 stories above downtown Nashville.

Rose, a Luxury Spa and Salon

In modern life, so many forces pull us away from ourselves, making the chance to sink into the present moment a luxury. Rose is a refuge; it offers us an opportunity to pause time in the middle of it all. 
21 floors above the bustling city streets of Nashville's SoBro neighborhood, Rose is a retreat high above the city. Here, the power of nature and ancient techniques come together to provide guests and visitors with an experience of connection, balance, and harmony. Whether seeking an indulgent steam shower, a couple's experience, or the quiet of a private facial, guests find diverse treatments through which we provide the chance to restore the body and mind while nourishing the soul's desire for serenity and perspective. 
The expansive spa feels airy and open, featuring 6 treatment rooms, a full-service salon, oversized locker rooms complete with "experience" showers, and a relaxation room. Dedicated to orchestrating a serene transition between services, all environmental elements at Rose come together to create a feeling of space and peace. Bleached oak and woven fabrics, high ceilings and soft neutral tones impart an impression of being at home, where one may fully relax.
We believe in reconnecting with purity—in ingredients, in techniques—to gain more than just physical renewal, restoration, and rejuvenation. On the top floor at The Joseph, in quiet and stillness, guests retreat to re-establish the natural rhythm within.



Monday - Thursday, 10 am - 5 pm

Friday - Sunday, 9 am - 6 pm



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Advanced reservations are highly recommended to ensure your preferred service, date, and time are available. Appointments within 4-6 weeks are limited.

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Spa Menu
Spa Menu

The Rose Journey

1. Staging Area

After a warm welcome at the 21st floor reception area with a handcrafted copper welcome desk adorned in roses, we will prepare you for your spa journey.


Rosewood lockers and a staging area complete with plush robes, small luxuries and amenities invite you into ultimate relaxation, personal discovery, and a renewed sense of vitality. Welcome to Rose at The Joseph.

2. Steam Room and Ice Fountain

Your journey may bookend in one of our deluxe steam rooms, where you find advanced detoxification and deep cleansing. Recommended for both pre and post treatment, steam purifies the respiratory system and deeply cleanses the lungs to promote ultimate relaxation. A steam room is located in each locker area for privacy and convenience.


The ice fountain can be used after the steam room or entirely on its own. When experienced together, the combination of hot and cold stimulates blood flow and the metabolic system, enhancing detoxification and strengthening the immune system.

3. Experience Showers

With the touch of a button, find yourself immersed in a warm island storm or beneath cool raindrops atop a mountain in Nashville's only Experience Showers.


Scents, sounds and visual effects combine in a multi-sensory experience of your choosing. Stimulate circulation and activate your heart with the reviving Fresh option, or select Tropic for exotic fragrances and cool tropical rainfall.

4. Relaxation Lounge

Warm hues, plush seating, and soft natural light create a soothing ambiance to calm your mind as you escape the stressors of daily life in our co-ed Relaxation Lounge.


Awaken the senses with a cup of hot tea paired with a savory or sweet treat. Indulge in the deep relaxation and restorative effects of your treatment. The world can wait—a little while longer.

5. Pre-Treatment Ritual

Each body and facial treatment at Rose begins with a personalized, grounding aromatherapy ritual. Your provider guides the selection of an aromatherapy oil to complement your intention and invites you to relax through deep inhalation as you sink deeper into your spa journey.

6. Post-Treatment Ritual

Each treatment at Rose concludes with gentle sound healing, an ancient technique used to bring harmony and balance to the body and mind.


The specific vibrations emanating from Tibetan sound bowls resonate with your own subtle energy centers (chakras) to help release blockages and restore the healthy energetic flow within and around the body.

Signature Experiences

Rose Indulgence
This 115-minute blissfully balancing experience restores positive energy and harnesses the healing vibrations of rose quartz crystals and biodynamic rose oil to release tension, revitalize the skin, and soothe both body and spirit for a profound feeling of calm. Targeting skin and senses, an all-over scrub prepares the body for a deeply nourishing, holistic massage while alleviating tension and restoring physical and mental health. Inner equilibrium from head to toe is restored, finishing with an ultra-hydrating mini Rose facial.
Kundalini Deep Relaxation
Ideal for the emotionally exhausted, this nurturing, 75-minute treatment has an extraordinary restorative effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Ancient marma therapy and warm herbal poultices are massaged into the back of the body, while sound healing and chakra balancing lift away tension. Energy is released from the base of the spine, negativity is dissolved, and the body is brought back to a state of balance. This restorative treatment finishes with a rose-infused facial massage.
Tranquil Drift

One of "The Best Spa Treatments for Sleep" according to Forbes


Designed to reduce tension, boost circulation and improve sleep quality, this 80-minute wellness experience includes a 60-minute massage, followed by 20 minutes of uninterrupted sleeping time. Infused with premium CBD and CBN topicals, the specialized massage focuses on feet, head and shoulders to maximize relaxation. Then, drift into slumber amidst the amber glow of your quiet treatment room retreat.


Rose Signature Massages
Holistic Massage
This revitalizing and balancing full-body massage helps release toxins, reduce fatigue, and restore physical and mental strength while relaxing and reviving both body and spirit. Choice of invigorating, relaxing, or recovery oils.
Restoration Deep Tissue Massage
Wonderfully firm and soothing techniques in this deep tissue massage help to alleviate pain, cramps, old injuries, and stress-related tension as well as unblock stagnant energy.
Grounding Stone Massage
Experience the grounding benefits of warm river stones. The radiant warmth of the earthy stones centers and intensifies healing; deep relaxation is found in revitalized muscles and a stimulated lymphatic system.
Botanical CBD Massage
Enjoy the soothing benefits of nature's ultimate healing botanical, CBD. Deeply relaxing for body and mind, this whole-body massage targets sore back, joints, hands, and feet to ease tension and reduce inflammation.
Maternity Massage
Designed for expectant mothers, our maternity massage relieves many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema (or swelling).


Rose Signature Facials
Hyper-Customized Facial
Using Biologique Recherche, Rose Spa's signature facial offers results-driven, hyper-customized treatments according to your Skin Instant©. Your Biologique Recherche esthetician will select the best-suited boosters and products to design a personalized experience focused on results. Your treatment may include manual lifting techniques, use of Biologique Recherche's proprietary technology, and/or co-factor sheet masks.
Hyper-Customized Facial with Remodeling
Our signature results-driven facial with the addition of Biologique Recherche's Remodeling Face machine strives to achieve wider-looking eyes, more pronounced cheekbones, less visible wrinkles, and a more defined facial contour—just some benefits of the Remodeling Face bio-electro stimulation that combines four currents for immediate and long-lasting results.
Biologique Recherche Seconde Peau 3D Facial
Biologique Recherche's most advanced facial accelerates cell renewal and optimizes healing for a visible and immediate tightening effect. Using electrospun mask strips formulated with 80% hyaluronic acid of medical origin, which gives a superior regenerating action, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and reduces the depth of lines.
Hydrating Rose Facial
Authentic pure rose extracts infuse every stage of this moisture replenishing facial. Herbal recovery for the eyes, a moisturizing mask for the face, neck and decolletage, and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage further nurture and pamper in this intensely hydrating facial, leaving skin glowing, nourished and velvety soft.
Touch of Luxe Facial
Your luxury, anti-aging facial begins with a neck and shoulder massage with a botanical blend of rose, mint, and birch rosemary body oils, followed by a scalp massage enhanced by rose aromatherapy. Deep cleansing and a warm compress of chamomile and rose lead into a fruit enzyme exfoliation to rejuvenate and soften dry skin. Cooling jade rollers reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage, before a warm, firming facial massage with pure rose oil and rose quartz crystals and a relaxing mask expertly selected for your skin's needs.

Body Treatment

Rose Hot Oil Body Wrap
A transformative dry body brushing revives dull skin and promotes circulation, preparing the body to soak in the hydration from our signature warm rose oil body wrap. Accompanied by a relaxing scalp massage, this cleansing, restorative treatment helps to relieve tension and bring calm refreshment to the mind and body, while leaving the skin with a renewed glow.
Citrus Revitalization
Achieve a radiant glow with an invigorating, full-body citrus exfoliation followed by a deeply nourishing, CBD-powered botanical body oil applied for deep relief and restoration. This ultra-hydrating, antioxidant-rich treatment fights free radicals, stimulates cell renewal, and softens skin from head to toe.
Traveler's Relief
Improve circulation and reduce inflammation resulting from long periods of sitting during road trips or long flights with this anti-inflammatory treatment featuring CBD, menthol, camphor, aloe, and beet-cayenne extract. Enjoyed in our salon, the treatment begins with a soothing foot soak followed by a gentle exfoliation of feet and lower legs while receiving a tension-relieving hand massage. Legs are then treated with a CBD cream and masked with a stimulating Moor mud. Finish with a deep, soothing foot and leg massage to increase circulation, relieve soreness, and prepare you for Nashville adventure.

Salon Services

Impeccable Manicure
Release tension from your hands and restore a noticeably younger, smoother appearance with this blissful combination of an exfoliating gel scrub removed with warm towels, a relaxing massage with biodynamic rose oil, and a hydrating rose quench mask, before your expert nail service with polish.
Impeccable Pedicure
A relaxing and energizing treat for flawless feet, our signature pedicure begins with an exfoliating gel scrub to smooth and hydrate, followed by a deeply relaxing foot massage and circulation-stimulating foot mask. Lemon body oil and citrus lotion combine to soften the skin, before your expert nail service with polish.
Additional Services
  • Gel Polish Add-on
  • Full Set GelX
  • Waxing Services
  • Lady's Haircut
  • Gentleman's Haircut
  • Shampoo and Blow Dry
  • Oil/Mask Treatment
  • Style/Updo
For more detailed information about treatments, please review the full spa menu.
Rose Spa Relaxation Room at The Joseph Hotel, Nashville
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